We have designed and created an innovative, manually powered vehicle.

TORQWAY is an innovative vehicle with a manual drive for moving in a standing position. Each movement is performed intuitively as needed. The method of vehicle propulsion forces a special kind of physical activity and allows to use a vehicle as a training device for the development of upper muscle groups of the users, and to improve their coordination skills. Using hands and chest muscles to drive the vehicle can have a positive impact on improving the overall health of the users, because the modern lifestyle makes these particular muscle groups least likely to be used.

TORQWAY is intended for use on paved surfaces, and the main areas of activity in which it can be applied are:

  • recreation
  • sport
  • physical activity - prevention of diseases of the vascular system
  • light rehabilitation
  • entertainment

Using the vehicle is an excellent alternative to burning calories (approx. 400 kcal/h) for people who wish to enjoy a mini-gym in the open air. Click to watch promo clip.

Learn more about the TORQWAY's impact on your health. Files containing research and opinions (PDF: Physical Education Academy, Medical University of Warsaw and the Physiotherapy and Biological Regeneration Center)


Torqway's Features

A few of Torqway’s core features


An invention on a worldwide scale due to the type of the applied drive



All components are precisely developed and produced with the highest accuracy



Low-set platform and four wheels



Burning of calories comparable to rowing and running



Fits into a car boot


Trendy Design

Developed by renowned designers



Vehicle can move with a speed of 6–12 km/h, depending on the type



Ensures development or improvement of motor coordination, can be used in rehabilitation


Take a look how many times Torqway's been awarded by international community.


Explore and compare different kinds of Torqway.

Torqway Sport

Torqway Sport

990 EUR


490 EUR + VAT*

total price

* sale of Torqway

  • Torqway Sport
  • weight up to 20 kg
  • speed up to 12 km/h
  • powered: manually
Torqway Nordic Driving


  • easy and save to drive
  • all body parts are active
  • can be used for active rehabilitation by patients with orthopedic, neurological, cardiac or pulmonary disorders
  • burns calories in comparable level with rowing and runnig
  • perfect training for balance and coordination

Torqway Hybrid

Torqway Hybrid

Development stage of the Torqway Hybrid prototype

The project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 735287.
  • Torqway Hybrid
  • weight up to 25 kg
  • speed up to 25 km/h
  • powered: hybrid

About Us

Vision and Mission

Within the next five years, the company will become the market leader in sports equipment, presenting an entirely new look especially on the senior’s market. TORQWAY will ensure the development of the user in many aspects and in a highly interesting way. We are safe but entertaining alternative for mature customers that want to stay active as long as possible.

The company’s mission is to create new healthy life style based on fun and to stimulate the activity among people with long distance mobility problems. TORQWAY will also become an alternative to individual transport. We aim at high quality and customers satisfaction – that is our goal!

The Company

The TORQWAY Company Ltd. was established in February 2014, by originators and specialized seed capital fund JCI Venture Ltd. The key assumptions of the Company are associated with the further development of the vehicle and the effective reach into foreign markets.

At the moment, the Company holds a Polish patent, a notification under the EPO and the PCT and the TORQWAY trademark.



The company received a grant for the implementation of Phase 1 of the project from the SMEInst Horizon2020 program.

The proposal 766919, submitted under the Phase 2 was highly scored in evaluation process, receiving SEAL OF EXCELLENCE.

Project Poland 3.0

The TORQWAY Company takes part in the biggest polish economic project named POLAND 3.0.

The project is managed by Ogólnopolski Klaster Innowacyjnych Przedsiębiorstw.

Business solutions

Torqway offers business solutions!

Event Agencies

Amaze your clients. We offer an innovative form of entertainment, sports, and great integration. See our offer of rental of TORQWAY.


Logistics and Industry

Learn what transportation possibilities TORWAY gives to the employees of private companies and public institutions. Movement between local offices, warehouses or departments may be simple and cheap, because TORQWAY means reliability and lack of operating costs.


Hotels and Spas

For patients and visitors, active recreation and taking care of their health is the most important. With TORQWAY it will be easier than you think. See the joy on the faces of your customers!


Colleges and Universities

Movement means not only taking care of one's condition, but also fun. Young people seem to know that especially. TORQWAY fascinates and encourages alternative forms of sport.


Sport Equipment Rentals

TORQWAY is an ideal vehicle for tourists. Their satisfaction of a successful trip is a guarantee of a positive recommendation for your rental. The clients do not need to concern themselves with any batteries, since TORQWAY can provide just as much power as they can the strength.


Fitness Clubs

TORQWAY is an innovative form of activity, sought by the enthusiasts about fit. Our vehicle is suitable for individual and group training, both outdoor and indoor.

Torqway representatives

List of Torqway representatives around the World.


Robert Romysz


Gregory Ryczkowski


Krzysztof Berczyński

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Torqway's partners logotypes
Torqway's partners logotypes
Torqway's partners logotypes
Torqway's partners logotypes